The World Is Wearing Cotton  

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Southern Cotton Company is in the process of updating its supplier's register. Prospective suppliers are invited for vetting and enlisting for the 2013 approved supplier for more detail.

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48 Palmer Road, Milton Park, Harare

Tel: 04-741 362, 0738 741 296



Southern Cotton Company (Pvt.) Limited is a local company that was established in October 2001 and is an active player in the agricultural industry.

The company’s core business is lint production although sometimes additional value is earned through bi-products such as cooking oil and cotton cake for stock feeds.

The cotton is produced under a total input and technical support service package contract farming scheme which covers over 10,000 small scale and communal farmers concentrated mainly in the Lowveld and Mashonaland Central.



Cotton Uses

Cotton is a natural fiber harvested from the cotton plant. It is one of the oldest fibers under human cultivation, with traces over 7,000 years old recovered from archaeological sites.